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Service Industry Projects

Service Industry Tile Projects If you are a construction company or remodeling agency that does floor and tile work for the service industry, you know the difference great flooring and tile walls can make in a bar or restaurant. Sturdy, yet beautiful and intricate tiling creates an atmosphere in this type of setting and can […]

Retail Tiling Projects

Retail Tile Projects Whether you run a clothing store or a chain of fast food restaurants, you know the importance of good flooring and tile work. Having beautiful tile-work that helps highlight your store design and products is a great way to provide a welcoming space for customers. At the same time, you need durable […]

Corporate Tile Projects

Commercial and Corporate Tile Projects Corporate and commercial tile projects require a certain set of standards beyond that of your traditional construction project. Remodeling contractors and tile vendors must work together to find the perfect flooring material with the right balance of sturdiness and beauty. A good designer knows the effect that a tiled surface […]

Car Dealership Tile Projects

Car Dealership Tile Projects Car dealerships experience heavy traffic – both on and off the lot. Because of that, automobile sales companies require sturdy, dependable tile for their flooring. At the same time, the tile must be beautiful and easy to clean as well. With that thought firmly in mind, Premiere Tile Group is committed […]

Residential Tile Projects

Residential Tiling Projects Premiere Tile Group is a leading supplier of residential tile and residential tiling products. Whether you need tile supplies for a new construction, home remodel, or complete renovation, you can count on our team of flooring experts to provide you with cost-effective, durable ceramic and porcelain tiles for a wide variety of […]

Healthcare Tiling Projects

Healthcare Tile Projects Premiere Tile Group is a leading provider of tile and tiling products for use in hospital and healthcare facility construction projects. Our tile works well for any healthcare building application, including flooring, wall tiles, bathroom tile, food preparation areas, break rooms, and residences. Contractors that provide design/build services for healthcare facilities require […]

Hospitality Projects

Hospitality Tile Projects When construction companies remodel and renovate businesses in the hospitality industry, they know the importance of beautiful – yet sturdy – flooring and tile. Premiere Tile Group knows this as well. In light of this, we distribute only the finest tile and tile products, including brands such as Premiere Tile, Marazzi, Lungarno, […]

National Accounts Projects

National Account Tile Projects We know well the complexity involved in operating a national account or franchise. If you or your client have multiple locations that need tile and tiling equipment, you can rest assured that our team of expert tile suppliers have the logistical know-how to support businesses and construction projects of all shapes […]